Beer Review - Mikkeller Baghaven: Pántáo

Here is my first beer review on the Mikkeller blog, and it revolves around the one and only – Pántáo (Probably the best sour in the world)

First things first, let me tell you a few things about this beer!

Clocking in at 8,0 % ABV, Pántáo is a sour / wild Ale aged for 6 months in Chardonnay Barrels on fresh White Saturn peaches - 800 Gram Per liter of beer.

And a few words about the color, Aroma, Taste and mouthfeel.

The color is opaque/hazy Golden yellow’ish color. It pours a small head, after a while it falls to a thin lacing.

The aroma is so peach forward! Wow what a smell! The peach just cuts through all The funk, and pushes all of The other aromas to The back! – It also has notes of White grape and some Woody notes - vanilla and oak. It’s also quite vinous in the aroma.

The taste is like taking a bite from a fresh peach! It’s also fizzy, subtle funk, and vinous with subtle White grape character. Great barrel character – vanilla and wood. Well-balanced sweetness and sour’ness! The peach just keeps coming, and lingers in the aftertaste!

The finish is tart, dry, and with a low bitterness, It has a high carbonation, with a medium mouth feel/body.

This was my third Mikkeller Baghaven beer, and it was so damn great! The Brew master Ehren Schmidt is a true Master of his arts, and he just keeps amazing me. The peach character in this beer is so intense! Imagine taking a bite from a fresh peach and add some funk, oak, White grapes and subtle vanilla to The mix - then you’ll have The most perfect sour vinous beer with a perfect balance between sourness, sweetness and flavors. This beer was a perfect 100 points!


Already looking forward to my next Mikkeller Baghaven Beer!

Till next time,

Yours truly - HopSkull.

(PS. Baghaven was sold out super fast, but you can try other beers from Mikkeller Baghaven in our webshop)