Beer Review – Shake Your Stack

This is a review from memory, but it was very memorable!

Shake Your Stack – Mikkeller SD x Great Notion – Imperial Stout with Maple, Coffee and Cinnamon – 9.7%

4.75/5 – An amazing Beer, I had just cycled a 7 Miles Bike ride home from work in 20 Degree plus heat, I wanted something cold and this was in the Fridge! WOW it just hit the spot, 9.7%?!? I couldn’t tell, it’s was Sweet and Sticky but not too heavy, great mouthfeel, even as it warmed up the flavour was just superb! The only thing that stops me giving this 5/5 is that it has Cinnamon and I really am not a fan, however it is really subtle in this beer, so it did not put me off at all, Cheers Mikkeller SD, you rarely disappoint

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