Drinking in Copenhagen: Mikkeller and Friends Bottle Shop

Right in the centre of Copenhagen is Torvehallerne, an indoor market 60 different stalls inside two incredible all-glass buildings. There’s a lot going on with serious espresso, pour overs and filters from Coffee Collective, a ton of bizarre Danish pastry stalls and a nightmare-inducing seafood section with man sized monster fish that would swallow your dog. Slightly hidden away is the Mikkeller Torvehallerne bottle shop, which moved from its previous location to facilitate the opening of Koelschip lambic bar.

It looks great, it’s compact but manages to hold an awful lot of bottles. There’s a small amount of seating provided, but you’ve fucked it if you’re not sitting outside making the most of the market’s buzz — also, when you buy something they ask would you like it opened, and it dawns on you that this isn’t Dublin and it’s grand to drink at the market, so you buy two more and crack the bastards.

The majority of the stuff here on my first visit was from Mikkeller and To øl, but it’s vast and varied. It had all the well-known favourites like Beer Geek Breakfast and regulars like Green Gold, American Dream and Stateside IPA as well as some brand new releases like the Recipe No.1000 brown malty sour aged in chardonnay barrels. It’s really something special.

There’s far too much stuff to even attempt to go through it all, but examples of some serious bangers they had during my visit include Tired Hands, Toppling Goliath, Crooked Stave, Ale Smith, Trappist Westvleteren (Yep, Including Westy 12) and Petite Orval, which is normally just reserved for the monks who brew it (very rare, obviously).

This is a lovely spot in a really beautiful central location. The market setting makes this a nice spot for the casual beer drinker looking to try something a bit different, and it’s a bit less daunting for someone who isn’t a pain in the hole beer drinker (yours truly). It’s the handiest spot for picking up some great bottles.