Elsa By Omnipollo

I wore this hat just for Henok Fentie & Karl Grandin. Do you think they'll be impressed?

Style: acai goji blueberry sour smoothie 8%

Aroma: blueberry yoghurt.

Taste: best "smoothie Style" beer Ive tried. I was a bit hesitent to buy this at first beacuse normaly crazy kettle sours like this is not really my jam but holy crap this is soo good.
Huge amount of both sweet and tart blueberry complimented by  lactos and yoghurty tart sweetness. 8% but drinks like a 5 % beer.

This is just what I want and love when I get an  Omnipollo beer, crazy and fun. Omnipollo Noa is probably the beer that got me really into craft beer, I never had anything like it when I first tried it and my mind was blown🤯

There was a short period of time were I only  tried too find omnipollo beer and especially their stouts. I still get super exicted and nostalgic like back then when I get my hands on a omnipollo can or bottle beacuse I know its going to be a fun experince drinking it no matter what.

I guess I'm a fan boy 🤷‍♂️

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