Farmhouse Ale, Saison, and Brasserie Fantôme

Belgian Brasserie Fantôme is, despite its humble size, world famous for their saison, a highly carbonated, often dry, spicy and fruity type of farmhouse ale. Brewed in late fall and early winter from homegrown ingredients, the farmhouse ale was the primary beverage for the farmworkers in a time when beer was safer to drink than water. Historically, the ABV was generally lower but the light mouthwatering sensation prevails making it an ideal thirst quencher for the hardworking people in the field come summer.

Because the saison is, as the name suggests, heavily affected by seasonal conditions, no two batches are 100% identical. As a result, breweries worldwide experiment with ingredients relative to the various outcomes of the yearly harvests. Brasserie Fantôme is not famous for nothing, as their Fantôme Saison is called the ‘Nectar of the Gods’.
Although the extraordinarily dry sensation resembles a good lambic or champagne, you won’t be too perplexed whether this is a beer or not, because it will tell you. Spooky, innit? If you’re interested in seasonal variations, try the Printemps spring version with spices.
Photo shoot materialized thanks to Johanne Lykke Andersen.
Pours bright golden with a short-lasting white head. Aroma is citric, floral, and sour fruits with a musty hint.

Taste is tart fruits, funky floral notes, citrus, yeasty and is followed by a dry, earthy finish. Smooth mouthfeel and soft carbonation.