In anticipation of this amazing beer being available on the Mikkeller Webshop I thought I'd post up my review of this beer from earlier this year. 🛒
I finally got to try this famous beer in June (because every season is stout season, obviously) and it was so worth the wait.

I've been fortunate enough to try quite a lot of Bottle Logic's Barrel Programme, the Stasis Project, and I've loved every single one. I'm a huge fan of this brewery. Their beers are extremely well-crafted, taste great and have a signature, recognisable flavour. 
As a massive nerd, I also love and appreciate how they have fun with the nerdy themes of their beers. Beer is a science and we want perfection in our brews but it should also be fun.
I love it when a brewery has a signature flavour that you only attribute to that brewery, it proves how there are so many small processes and variables that are unique to the location and people that make up a brewery.
Stasis Project Imperial Stouts always have a great thick, sticky, almost chocolate fudge cake-like flavour and mouthfeel yet are balanced with bitterness from a great base beer, and finished with brilliant barrel-aging and blending.

This iteration is a mighty, yet somehow reined-in13.2% abv. There were multiple additions of a heaps of Madagascan vanilla beans to give layers of flavour as this beer ages. The beer was then aged in a mixture of Buffalo Trace, WL Weller, Heaven Hill, and Four Roses bourbon barrels. 
It's a relatively simple beer with just one adjunct added but the complexity  of multiple additions and a mix of barrels shines through. This beer delivers on it's description so well. Balanced and tasty it's no surprise there's hype around this beer.
I could quite happily finish a bottle on my own but I think the bottle might finish me off with that abv. No need to be greedy - a beer this good is much better enjoyed and shared with good people.
People have said that previous batches of this beer were better. This might be true but I hear that for almost every beer I try. Nostalgia can cloud our ability to enjoy the moment. Without comparing this to any previous iterations I think it's a fantastic beer in its own right and it completely justifies the praise it continues to receive. What a beer.
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