How to rate your beer (?)

By merel
March 16, 2021

Whoa, you probably thought I was going to tell you, the craftbeergeek, how to rate your beer! Don’t worry, I’m not here to tell you (because I don’t want to get beaten up). But I did think it would be fun to talk about it for a while, because when I look at Untappd, I can totally tell that people rate their beers very differently.

Do you like it, or is it well brewed?

When I first started using Untappd, back when I had had about 20 different craftbeers in my life, I rated everything to my own taste. So, I rated the beers really high. When I go back to that (2018, don’t judge me) I only have 4,75 and 5 star ratings. I was super generous. Somehow, however, I became a super critical and cynical b*tch. How did that happen? Well, a lot of things actually. I began drinking a lot of different beer styles and a lot of them, I didn’t like at first. Beers with brett, sour beers and IPA’s, I rated them with 1 star with a note that I didn’t like it. And here we are in 2021, and I think that’s not fair anymore. Why?

Well, most of all, I started brewing my own beer. I have a homebrew-kit and I brewed my own beer in a brewery, which made me respect the brewing process a lot. I realized that brewing beer is a hard job and that if you don’t like the style, it doesn’t mean it’s the brewery’s fault. If you give them a 1 star rating, it can really hurt them.

I still give out 2 star ratings when I really hated a beer or when it had an infection or lacks flavour, but the 1 or 5 star ratings are harder and harder to find.

For you or for everyone?

That brings us to the next question, are you rating your beers for you, for the breweries or for everyone else on Untappd, so they can make a decision? I used to do the first thing, but now I’m rating it for other people, like I make a lot of my beer-decisions: Based on ratings. The overall rating is a little important to me, but most important is the average rating of my friends and other people whose (beer-related) opinion I value. If someone I know who doesn’t like stouts that much, rates a stout 4,5, I’m intrigued immediately. So yeah, I’m rating my beers a little bit for me, but also for others.

I’m not here to tell you how to rate your beers, because I can totally understand that you just rate your beers for you, like you make pictures of special moments just for yourself. I just think it’s funny that everyone rates their beers differently (I usually rate around 3 - 3,5 while others are way more critical or more generous) and we all have an opinion. If you want to chat about this, leave a comment or hit me up! How do you rate your beer?