Introduction: HopSkullBeerGuide

Hi fellow beer lovers!

This is my first blog post for Mikkeller! So here is a little intro on why I love to speak and share “all things beer!”

First of all, Beer is not just beer! It is a journey through a sensual world that has existed for thousands of years! In ancient Egypt, pharaohs and high priests were served beer. In the medieval times beer was used as a liquid and food resource, as a large amount of the water was unhealthy to drink!

At that time, beer was something magical that could not be explained — either it went well or bad! Yeast and bacteria had not been discovered, and nobody knew that Yeast and bacteria played a huge role in brewing beer.

Carlsberg's own Emil Christian Hansen made the fantastic discovery that it was possible to isolate beer yeast (Saccharomyces carlsbergensis) thereby later paved the brick road for the future brewers and breweries – including Mikkeller.

I find both the history about beer, brewing process and of course…. Beer! To be a very interesting subject, that I truly wanna learn more about – and of couse share all the knowledge I have about it.

My motivation behind my Instagram and this blog on

Mikkeller, is to make people value ”all things' beer”

As much as I do and maybe push them towards, taking the steps to embark on a journey — A beer journey!


On both my Instagram and here on Mikkeller, I’ll make sure to post blogs about Beer reviews, educational articles and a lot of shenanigans!


I'm look forward to being your guide.


Yours truly HopSkull.