Mikkeller Berlin – a second home

There’s no secret to it, I am a huge Mikkeller fan. I fell in love with the beers when I was able to buy a huge box of their beers back in Chile in the beautiful port city of Valparaiso. The bar that had the beers was called “El Irlandes” which was obviously ran by an Irishman. There I feasted on a wide range of styles, from witbeers to west coast IPA’s and of course some barrel aged imperial stouts.

I was so in love with the brand that I even took a Spirits hopped up Vodka, which remains as one of my favourite vodka’s until this day (unfortunately, I was never able to finish the whole bottle and I suspect that my father drank the rest of the bottle when I headed off to Germany).

After this tasting experience that awakened my passion towards Mikkeller, I knew that one day I had to make it to Copenhagen and visit every possible Mikkeller Bar and drink as many barrel aged imperial stouts that my taste buds could get a hold of. I made my trip to the Beer Mecca in 2016 and it lived up to my expectations. From then on, I knew that I needed more Mikkeller in my life. The only problem was planning frequent trips to Copenhagen would cause serious damage to my wallet.

Back in Germany I would seize every opportunity I had to get my Mikkeller fix but for this beer geek, the German market was lacking the medicine I needed. One day, the beer gods answered my beer needs and I heard of the opening of the Mikkeller bar in Berlin! Jesus, did I get excited. A Mikkeller bar in Berlin, I could not believe it. The only problem was that I was still living in Münster (a 4.5 hour drive from Berlin). So I did what any devoted beer nerd would do: if the beer cannot come to you, you must go to the beer.

I planned frequent weekend trips to Berlin just to go to Mikkeller Berlin and enjoy their 24 beers on tap, where I was able to rejoice with the sweetness of various barrel aged Warpigs beers and with the richness and fruitiness of the Frederiksdal Cherry Wine.

Having the opportunity to try these gifts from the beer gods was another reason why I had to move to Berlin and I knew that this would be a bar where I would be a regular.
Once I settled in Berlin, it was obvious that I would pop by the Mikkeller bar and have a taste of either what was on the tap list or something from the bottle list.

I’m a picky drinker but I do like to try basically everything that Mikkeller brews (I already told you that I am a fan), so every time the bar posts a new beer on their social media pages, they get an instant like from me and probably a message from me asking them how much beer is left and is they can save a can for me, just in case it’s a limited release (to be honest I do the same at many bars).
But there is more to Mikkeller Berlin than going there and drinking their great beers. The people that I have met, especially the Mikkeller staff; the two Daniels, Philip and Waleed, have been so open, kind and great to me.

Chatting with them and getting to know them has been one of the most rewarding experiences of popping by the bar just for one beer or for the various events that have been organised at Mikkeller Berlin. These guys take the time to make you feel welcome, they take interest in getting to know you and of course recommending you a good beer.

Mikkeller Berlin, is a bar where you can genuinely enjoy a wide range of Mikkeller’s beers but it is an active place full of tap takeovers from various US breweries and also supporting the local scene.

Moreover, they have catered various food pairing events, ranging from Asian to Mexican food, to BBQ’s and amazing Pizzas.
Plus it’s always a great place to meet up for the members of Mikkeller Running club and especially after the Berlin marathon, where everyone is hydrating on the special Mikkeller Energibajer and just enjoying the sun on the Torstraße.

In the end, it is more than fair to say that I feel at home at Mikkeller Berlin and I love having a bar
that supplies and offers beers from one of my favourite breweries. And I also love the fact that it’s a verified venue on Untappd, where currently I hold the second position as a loyal patron of the location.
If you Mikkeller Beer Club Members are ever around the neighbourhood the, Mikkeller Berlin is the
place to stop by and enjoy some hoppiness.


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