Supporting your local breweries and beershops

As you guys probably know, the world is in a crisis. COVID-19 is making everyone put their life on hold. Of course it’s a horrible thing, but I believe it also makes us closer together in a way, you realize what the important things in life are and it makes you think about other people than yourself. Like local businesses: Breweries and (online) beershops.

A lot of breweries have brewpubs or cafés, which means a lot of them are losing a lot of money these days. And not only that, a lot of people (think of their bartenders) don’t have a job nowadays. It’s so important that at times like these, we support our locals. This means:

ORDER AND PURCHASE THEIR BEER. In the end, it makes everyone happy. If everyone supports their locals, they can overcome these crazy times.

There are a lot of brewery initiatives for getting their beer in your tummy. In the Netherlands, we have #DAT: Drinking Apart Together. We put a different (Dutch) brewery in the spotlight every day, and everyone tries to drink a beer from that brewery and posts a pic about it on Instagram or Facebook. Brewers also tend to organize online beer-tasting livestreams, a live tour around their brewery and they are making ‘survival packs’ of their beer and putting them online for you to purchase. There are so many options!

What can you do?
Like I mentioned before, keep buying local, but remember to stay at home as much as you can and order online (you’re good here, on the Mikkeller webshop website, haha!). Maybe organize your own beer-tasting livestream online with people from around the world, or try to buy the same beer with some friends and taste it together online. You don’t have to be together to really be together ;)
Stay strong, my peeps. We’ll survive this together!