Wedding IPA for a Friend

Today was spent brewing a Wedding IPA 4.8% for a Good Friends Wedding in August, I decided to keep it simple and stick with my tried and tested Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic 33% Recipe and here it is:

Malt Bill:

4.0KG – Extra Pale Malt

0.4KG – Carahell

0.8KG – Wheat

0.8KG – Oats


10g – Simcoe Bittering

100g – Citra Whirlpool

100g – Simcoe Whirlpool

100g – Mosaic Whirlpool



Brewing Aids:

18ml Phosphoric Acid Water Treatment

Pinch of Calcium Chloride in the Mash


25L Water with 18ml Phosphoric Acid

Mash in and mash at 64c for 1 Hour

Sparge with 8L of 75c Water

Boil for 45 Minutes

10g Simcoe Hops added at the Start of the Boil

At the end of the Boil Chill Wort to 76c before adding the remaining Hops in the Whirlpool

Ferment with US-05 for 14 Days between 17-20c Before crash chilling and bottling