The Triple Crossing Bundle

The Triple Crossing Bundle

Triple Crossing




We've made this crazy hop forward bundle for you to try straight from the US, so dig in!

Triple Crossing Brewing is located in the heart of Richmond, VA. The original 7 barrel brewery is located in Downtown Richmond and the newer brewpub/production facility recently opened in Fulton. Triple Crossing focuses on hop forward beers and a newly formed mixed culture fermentation project.

This bundle contains:

  • Valhalla - DIPA - Triple Crossing's expressive 100% Citra DIPA makes its return. Pungent, dank, melon tropical orange apricot all make their presence known via the careful combination of Triple Crossing's house ale yeast and multiple dry hop charges.

  • Green Dreams - DIPA - Hopped with what amounts to nearly the kitchen sink – Citra, Denali, Vic Secret, and Eukanot Cryo. 

  • Battle Creek - DIPA - Their 100% Mosaic DIPA fermented with our house ale strain and a serious amount of malted white wheat.

Brewed and canned by Triple Crossing 

  • 8%
  • 473ml
  • US