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MRC Jagten

MRC is introducing a new race series and the first test is to go down in Copenhagen on March the 7th after the First Saturday training which will a special edition of Fællestræning taking place at Mikkeller Baghaven.

The race is called MRC Jagten - and here’s why; every runner signs up for the 5k race and declares their best time* over the distance since January 2018**.  

Runners will then be sent off one at a time, slowest runner first etc according to their 5k times. If everything is calculated correctly we should have an amazing fight at the finish where ANYBODY could take the win!

The race will be chipped so all runners will get an official 5k time.  Entry price is 120 kr*** with cool prizes for number 1-3 and some mystery prizes for runners ‘down the field’. Also we will serve all runners two beers each.  In addition you can add the special limited-edition JAGTEN singlet to your package****. Total cost for this variation is 350 kr. 

We expect for this to be taken to all MRC chapters and eventually find the strongest of the strong competing in the grand final.  

* Times will be verified.  We know you lovely people will not risk disqualification by trying to omit a fast race in order to get a better start time/chance of winning

** If no verifiable race over 5k runners can submit a time over a different distance and we will extrapolate their approximate 5k time.  In special cases we are willing to make adjustments on request where someone has had a serious injury and is in recovery.

*** The basic package will be available for purchase until March 5th.

**** Last day for ordering the singlet is April the 7th. in order to give our manufacturers time to deliver before the race!