Botanical Gin Navy Strength - Mikkeller

Botanical Gin Navy Strength

Botanical Gin Navy Strength


429,00 DKK


Tasting notes
Distilled of the finest botanicals. Carefully balanced with a full scent of Juniper berries making way for lemon grass and soft tones of angelica root. A little touch of cardamom, ending off with slightly bittersweet tones of oranges. Note the hoppy feeling you get, the US Simcoe hops add a lemon zesty touch. Drink it straight if you are man enough – don’t worry, it´s smooth as silk – or make the perfect G & T with crushed ice, the best Tonic water you can find, Mikkeller Gin and a slice of orange.

- Navy Strength Gin
- Distilled at Braunstein

  • 57%
  • 500ml
  • DK