Henry Fridge Magnet / Coaster

Henry Fridge Magnet / Coaster




Time to step up your fridge magnet game!

This fridge magnet is made of soft PVC which also happens to be a table protector you can put your beer on. A must-have in any bar or home!

  • Material is made of Eco-friendly soft PVC.

  • Diameter 8x8 cm. 

  • Thickness 5 mm (of which 2 mm is magnet)

  • Surface embossed

Please note! Beer not included. 


 Made and designed by Ibsens Fabrikker,  https://ibsensfabrikker.dk/?gclid=CjwKCAiAzNj9BRBDEiwAPsL0dyz2yJ2qi5Q0W47TmGzqNNlPEZG34GWO8jqUvTAe3ZxEt1V5x5_cZhoCJoUQAvD_BwE

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