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The double biography about Mikkeller's founder and CEO Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and his twin brother Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, founder of the brewery Evil Twin has just been released from the Danish publisher Gyldendal. The book is written by the journalist Rasmus Emborg, who for many years has worked at some of the most respected Danish newspapers as a reporter and news editor. ⁠

Emborg initially got the idea to write the book almost six years ago and reached out to Mikkel and Jeppe in November 2018. Mikkel naturally needed a little time to think before he agreed.⁠

“The strained relationship between me and my brother and the fact that we both have a lot of success with our brands is a fascinating story and has been described numerous times in the media - and most likely will continue to be in the future. I thought, why not let a thorough and respected journalist do it properly once and for all,” says Mikkel.⁠

“Even though we haven’t spoken to each other for several years, we are an inseparable part of each other's life stories, and being identical twins has contributed to who we are and what we have achieved today - for better or worse. The book does a great job in describing this relationship and not least in telling the full story of Mikkeller and the complex business that I have devoted the past 13 years of my life to,” he explains.⁠

Emborg followed both brothers closely for almost a year, travelling from Copenhagen to New York, North Korea and China. In January, he gave up his job as the Head of News at the Danish business newspaper Børsen to dedicate all his time to write his first book.⁠

“Both separately and together the two brothers have a fantastic story,” Emborg says in a press release from Gyldendal. ⁠

“With a wild creative urge and a crazy competitive spirit they have both created impressive business ventures and have been frontrunners in the international beer revolution. I am grateful that they have had the courage to let me into both their professional and private lives.”


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