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Extra Gammel Øl

Extra Gammel Øl

Mikkeller San Diego



Strong ale blend aged in bourbon barrels. 

"Throughout the years we have amassed a healthy collection of incredible barrels in our cellar, all patiently waiting their day to come. Somethings take longer than others, but on an occasion we might find ourselves playing with blends of components in the effort to produce a greater sum. Extra Gammel ØL is the result, a second entry to what will be an ever evolving series of Blended Strong Ales, and the premier bottle release. Luxurious chocolate, caramelized raisin, notes of tobacco and oak, and spiced richness play beautifully in a harmony of complexity and intrigue. Enjoy now, or in many years." 

Part of the Mikkeller San Diego Barrel Series

Brewed by Mikkeller San Diego

  • 14.5%
  • 500ml
  • US