Granny's Mix

Granny's Mix

Granny's Mix

Northern Monk

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Pineapple Juice & Ginger Beer India Pale Ale.

"This month is a big one. It marks the fifth anniversary of Northern Monk. To celebrate this milestone, we’re releasing a special edition 5th anniversary beer.

5 years ago we launched Northern Monk brewery from the Old Flax Store. We were able to do this because of a £5,000 gift from a grandparent, the funds that started our business. This is not the only contribution Granny made to Northern Monk though... She gave us our first opportunity to experiment with flavours and tastes.

Always having an extensive selection of juices and sodas in the house, she’d encourage us to make mixes of them to create our own drink. However it was the mixes Granny made herself that were always the best. This beer is a thanks to all the grannies out there, and a celebration of the journey that started Northern Monk." 

Please note! Best before is 13/12/2019

Brewed by Northern Monk Brew Co.

  • 5.7%
  • 440ml
  • UK