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Open Up & Love Again - Huckleberries

Open Up & Love Again - Huckleberries

The Veil Brewing



Barrel fermented farmhouse inspired ale brewed conditioned on whole Blueberries and whole Huckleberries. 
"Open Up and Love Again: Huckleberry and Blueberry is collaboration beer brewed back in August of 2018 during our Forever Summer Festival. It’s a tasty Mixed Fermie™ brewed with lots of raw and malted wheat, noble hops, and a mixed culture of Saison yeasts and Brett. We then fruited the batch with over 700g/L total of Wild Pacific Northwest Huckleberries + North Carolina Blueberries. Intense notes of bramble berries so fresh they’re still on the stem and fruit tarts with pleasant fruit and oak tannins to balance it out."

Brewed and bottled by The Veil Brewing in collab with Monkish Brewing, TRVE Brewing, American Solera, and Cloudwater Brew Co. 

  • 8.5%
  • 375ml
  • US