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Mikkeller San Diego



Oak Aged Golden Sour Ale 

Oak Aged Golden Sour Ale. A collaborative blend executed with our good friends at the Black Heron Project from Fremont Brewing Co (Seattle, Earth). After tasting through a dozen barrels, we honed in on aspects of our mixed-culture program that spoke of our fermentation profile, our wine barrels, and a harmony of age and vibrancy. Rich red wine notes, creamy oak, and mild acidity lay a foundation for sun-dried kumquats, warm sunflowers, and aged cellar funk much akin with lightly dried chantrelles. Enjoy at cellar temperature with assorted cheese and jam on a calm Sunday evening.


Brewed by Mikkeller San Diego in collab w/ Black Heron Project from Fremont Brewing Co. 

  • 6.5%
  • 500ml
  • US