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Calvados Cask Black

Calvados Cask Black





The Mikkeller Spirits Black series is the sine qua non of Mikkeller Spirits. Here the connection between Mikkeller and Mikkeller Spirits is established. With our skilled collaborators of Braunstein Distillery we decided to distill one of our flagship beers: the Mikkeller Black. This 17,5% ABV imperial stout showed great potential for distilling. It was easy to decide that this was it; this is why we want to enter the micro distilling world. A great beer turned into a great spirit.

Using a copper still we distill one small batch at a time. We select a small special cask for each batch to age on. These batches are exclusive and very limited editions. The selected casks give the different batches uniqueness in taste, aroma and color. They are all bottled without chill or charcoal for the perfect flavor.

Mikkeller Black Series is the core brand of Mikkeller Spirits; it is a permanent but ever changing concept.

Tasting notes
The new-make spirit is as very fruity clean spirit, where the hoppiness and the chrisp taste of dark malts are what meets your mouth, but it is still a rough spirit – therefore we decided to barrel age it!

European oak has always been the finest casks for maturing whisky, especially sherry cask – and this for a good reason – TASTE!

There casks gives the black spirit another level where taste of dark chocolate and taste of dark fruits and nuts come in play – A JOY for the whisky drinker.

- Calvados Cask Black
- Distilled at Braunstein


  • 43%
  • 375ml
  • DK