Herbie Original Gin

Herbie Original Gin

Herbie Original Gin

Nordisk Brænderi

299,00 DKK


Handcrafted, distilled and bottled in Northern Jutland, Denmark

HERBIE GIN is a new Danish hand distilled London Dry Gin. It is distilled with ten carefully selected botanicals like Juniper, fennel seeds, rosemary, licorice root, orange zest & Danish apples. Together, they give HERBIE GIN a taste of high gastronomical level. Mix it with you favorite Tonic or drink it neat with your favorite snack. 

HERBIE GIN is prepared in northern Jutland where botanicals, spirits of the highest quality and water distilled into a very clean gin. The water comes from a private well, within 30 meter deep remnants of the Danish ice age and makes for a very clean and delicious water. 

Double Gold Medal in "The Fifty Best Gin", New York, 2016

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  • 40%
  • 700ml
  • DK