Vi.Er Danmark

Vi.Er Danmark

Vi.Er Danmark





VI.ER Danmark is the first Aquavit coming out of this distillery. Filled with the finest taste coming from the wind-battered Norwegian western lands. Adding carefully handpicked wild Juniper berries from Sjælland & distilled a stone throw away from Jammerbugten in Northern Denmark. A truly unique taste experience. 


"VI.ER AKVAVIT is a wish to create an aquavit, that soars above everything else that is already on the market. An aquavit that makes people want to immerse themselves in a new world of Nordic cool. Combining our classic virtues of craftsmanship and quality with a contemporary and relaxed approach. We have always wondered why aquavit has gotten such a bum rap. We are sure this is only due to the fact that people have yet to try a truly extraordinary aquavit. Like with everything else in this world you need to have kissed a few frogs before you are really able to appreciate a gentleman"

  • 42.8%
  • 500ml
  • DK