Vi.Er Nordic Hygge

Vi.Er Nordic Hygge

Vi.Er Nordic Hygge





"Hygge" is best described as a feeling of comfort and contentment that you get when doing cozy things, like snuggling up in front of a fireplace, reading your favorite book or when you are surrounded by your loved ones indulging in all things good. It is the sense of belonging to both the moment as well as to each other. Hygge is the warm glow radiating inside us when we feel connected, generous and loved. 

This Aquavit is dedicated to that word - "HYGGE" 

"VI.ER AKVAVIT is a wish to create an aquavit, that soars above everything else that is already on the market. An aquavit that makes people want to immerse themselves in a new world of Nordic cool. Combining our classic virtues of craftsmanship and quality with a contemporary and relaxed approach. We have always wondered why aquavit has gotten such a bum rap. We are sure this is only due to the fact that people have yet to try a truly extraordinary aquavit. Like with everything else in this world you need to have kissed a few frogs before you are really able to appreciate a gentleman"

  • 42.8%
  • 500ml
  • DK