Cyanide cyclops By Demoersleutel & Cervisiam

By otto
November 05, 2019
Style: Imperial Milk Stout brewed with lactose & apricot pits 11%

Cervisiam makes some over the top crazy pastry stouts and when I saw them making a beer with Demoersleutel who in my opinion might be the best in the eu at making delicious motor oil thick stouts, so I just had to get my paws on this one.

Aroma: . Nutty and syrupy sweet.  A bit of a  artificial stone fruit scent. Coffee with milk.

Taste: heavy cappuccino like flavor with a drizzle of apricot jam . I'm getting maple syrup and caramell aswell. Carmalized sugar and coffee in the finish . Super low on roasted and bitter notes  without being overly sweet.  Very nice.
Oh and happy halloween 👻