December 23rd - A Word On Beers X-mas Calendar

By niels - a word on beers
January 02, 2020

December 23rd and this is what was in my two X-mas calendars:

The Great Mikkeller X-mas Calendar

St. Mikkelas by Mikkeller Brewing NYC - Belgian yeast phenols, ginger, cinnamon and raisins in the nose. Taste is heavy cinnamon and quite a lot of alcohol and ginger. This beer is somewhat dry and has a kind of acidic twang. Not the tastiest beer, but a fair try at the style. Next time: Go easy on the spices!

My wife's homemade X-mas calendar

Chocolate Marion by Superstition Meadery - Honey, cocoa, raspberries and a bit of blackberry in the aroma. Taste is huge redberry-flavors and honey with some cocoa right behind them. Behind all this berry galore is a nice acidity that makes this mead highly drinkable. This is a truly great glass of mead and I would so much want to be able to afford more of it - It's liquid happiness!

Christmas beers are often a question of hit or miss - St. Mikkelas is sadly mostly a miss. The base beer is okay, but spices are over-done to my taste. Spices in a beer should only be a hint that intrigues you and makes you think: What is that thing? The Superstition mead, on the other hand, is absurdly tasty and makes me long for more - I have only had a few experiences with Superstitions Meadery meads but they have all blown me away with their huge flavors and incredible balance between honey and fruit-additions. I want more! 

All through December, I'm opening my two X-mas beer calendars. The two calendars are The Great Mikkeller X-mas Calendar and my wife's homemade X-mas calendar.

See you tomorrow!