Educational article: What is the difference between stouts and porters?

By hopskullbeerguide
August 20, 2019

I thought about what the first educational article should revolve around, and I settled on telling you what the difference between stouts and porters it, because…Well that question has been asked many timers over!


Both beer styles are dark; both can have flavors and aromas of coffee, chocolate, caramel, and toast; both seem to fall within the 5-7% alcohol range.


Let's start out by going back to the 1700s London where the Style Porter originated - Porter was a common beverage of choice for the thirsty London workers. Porters were essentially more robust brown ales, with more ABV.


The origin of stout is very similar to that of porter. In fact, they’re identical. Back then, the word “stout” was just used to refer to a bolder, higher-alcohol version of any beer style, much in the same way we use the word “imperial” today.

Back then, a porter brewed with a higher ABV would simply be called a “stout porter".


So to put it simply, originally Stout was a Strong Porter. But, things change and nowadays Porters tend to be fruitier, sweeter and less bitter than stouts, with cocoa and caramel flavors in balance with dark malt bitterness.

Stouts are usually hoppy/bitter, dry, malty and more coffee-forward, and may even have a touch of acidity to it.

There you have it!


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