ESB What does it really mean!

By andrew dudley aka dudders
August 26, 2019
So the Amateur Home Brewers Association I joined has an ESB Brew Off Competition, what is an ESB? I have drank only a few in my Beer Drinking Life and that was at least 7 years even more ago! I know it stands for Extra Special Bitter, but what makes it extra special to a regular Bitter? What Colour should it be? What strength should it be? What’s Hops English? American? European?

I tried to look at up online but like many things you try to find out online everyone has got a different answers! So I decided to say screw it! And made it up as I went along, here’s the Recipe I have no idea how it’s going to taste! But I will let you all know when it’s ready!



Pale Malt 4.8KG
Caramalt 30 500g
Crystal 110 400g
Crystal 150 300g


Goldings 20g 60mins, 40g 30mins, 40g 15mins, 60g 5mins
Amarillo, Cascade, Loral Cryo 28g (each) Whirlpool below 80c