Mikkeller Beer Club – More than a club, it’s a community

By hopcave
August 20, 2019
It’s that time of the month, we are all waiting for the Mikkeller Beer Club video to
be posted on the Facebook page and it seems Frank, Elias and Theis are still
editing the content! The wait continues and there’s a whole bunch of us beer
geeks that want to know what’s coming in our monthly box.

The guessing game commences and we all hope for different things: haze, sours,
stouts, etc. (deep inside we all know that the boys will do their best to please all
our beer needs).

The video finally arrives and we have our masters of ceremony Frank and Elias
presenting the beers from different locations related to Mikkeller in Copenhagen
or even sometimes we get international videos from the festivals or bar openings
that they attend.

Likes and comments start to appear in the newsfeed, we are all thanking the
boys for the beers, laughing at how they sometimes drink the beers and at their
epic burps. But overall what we all love is when they sample the beers and give
their infamous opinion: “this one is really good!”

The mystery of the box’s content slowly disappears and we start praising the
beers, while others complain that there’s not enough stouts or hops. Man, are we picky! Now the second wait begins, the arrival of our beers!
This is the crucial part, when we all start checking constantly our UPS or
PostNord delivery status, the members are freaking out that there is no
movement on the order, the stress of having our fresh beers stuck at the
warehouse is not a possibility, while others have planned a beer tasting with the
beers. Still no update on the order.

Frank gets bombarded with messages asking about the box! Simultaneously our
Scandinavian brothers are already celebrating that their box has arrived and the
pictures are going online! Yes, we love when this happens because the desire to
try the beers increases, one wants to experience that same great taste that
everyone is talking about and of course, some of us even want to see if the beer
lives up to its untappd rating!

This excitement is what I love about being in the Mikkeller Beer Club. A
community has been forged and it is constantly expanding, more and more want
to get in and be part of it. Not just because of the beers but also because of the
banter and the friendships that have resulted for being part of this exclusive

Personally, the beer club has been an opportunity for me to expand my circle of
friends. Coming from Chile, where I have my family and most of my friends, beer
has been a good conversation opener to meet new people here in Germany. So I decided to join the club to expand my circle while enjoying a box full of good
beers but with also good reasons to socialise and get to know new faces! Plus it
has also helped me to expand my level of German! The Mikkeller Beer Club fits in perfectly with my beer beliefs: “beer invites, beer unites, and it leads us to the
pursuit of happiness through hoppiness!” This is what I experience every time I
sit down with my friends and share the Mikkeller Beer Club box.

Well enough about my personal views, the box has arrived, it’s time to take a
picture of them and post them on Instagram, tag some breweries and thank the
team. Of course, I have to post it on the group page as well. The comments start
coming in on how great this IPA was and the questions regarding when the next
Baghaven beer is coming always pops up!

Finally, the crowd starts wondering how the next video and box is going to outdo
the previous one. This is always the funny part because as good beer geeks we
are never satisfied and we want more! Frank, Elias and Theis know this, that is
why they are always on top form and they will deliver another quality video and
Thanks for making this beer club go beyond a simple box loaded with good beers
but for transforming it into such a thrilling and unique community of friends and
beer lovers!

Discover the club here