Mikkeller Running Club

By kristian munk eriksen
August 29, 2019

Since 2014, Mikkeller Running Club has given people the opportunity to exercise as an extra social event. Today, more than 20,000 members spread over at least 220 chapters worldwide are running with MRC two to three times a week. Mikkel Bjergsø, who, besides being the founder, owner, and CEO of Mikkeller, also founded the running club which is now led by Søren Runge. Mikkel is a former elite runner, so being a man behind beer and running, it was almost destined to happen.

But what takes precedence here, physical and mental health or hedonistic life enjoyment? Turns out, you can balance both. To many, this may seem a weird combination. Beer is notoriously infamous for worsening people’s health and shape. However, just like Mikkeller’s innovative ways of mixing ingredients and nuances when creating beer, this lifestyle seems to be working tremendously as well. Speed is not a keyword in MRC. It is just as much about having fun within social relations. The club is for everyone, whether you are a cheetah, a wildebeest or a Snorlax. If you need some running equipment or simply some merch to show off whilst whizzing past envious onlookers, there’s a new MRC Beer Box membership available consisting of a quarterly care package delivered to you every 3rd month. 

After each running session, we meet at the bar to cool down with a refreshing acidic/sour or a low-ABV or non-alcoholic pale. Come down and join the fun!

My current favorite post-run beers include:

  • Mikkeller - MBCC ’19 Berliner Weisse with Kalamansi citrus fruit
  • Põhjala - Prenzlauer Berg Raspberry Berliner Weisse
  • Untitled Art - Citrus Berliner Weisse
  • Mikkeller - Rozpusta #3 Berliner Weisse brewed with Meierer Riesling Grape juice

If you’re completely on the wagon, here’s a list of recommendable non-alcoholic beers:

  • Drink'in the Sun - American Style Wheat Beer
  • Weird Weather - New England style low IPA
  • Energibajer - Wheat Ale 
  • Limbo Raspberry -Flemish Primitive brewed with Raspberries.

MRC beers