Alcohol-Free Beers Are on the Rise! What does Mikkeller offer?

March 25, 2022

The Corona crisis has changed us. We’ve all been forced to sit around and reconsider many things, including the obscene amounts of alcohol we’ve been consuming over the years. But we just can’t give up our one true love… Beer. Have you also changed? Let’s drop the alcohol together and check out what our options are here. I think we’re in luck!


Why is non-alcoholic beer becoming more and more popular? Statistically, consumers have become more health-conscious; and let’s be honest, alcohol isn’t the best thing for our bodies. We’ve all got a close relationship with beer, and thankfully, the industry has recently exploded with alcohol-free brews. Did you forget to participate in Dry January this year? After reading this, you’ll be uber-prepared to ditch the alcohol when making resolutions for 2022. 


What is Dry January? It’s the very beginning of the year; you’ve got tons of energy and you’re ready to revamp your life and get your shit together. You decide to cut out alcohol for the entirety of January. Very admirable. But how can you continue without beer? It’s going to be 31 awfully tough days. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you. 


Remember that passion fruit sour ale you drank all summer, Passion Pool? Yes, you do. We have a non-alcoholic version of that, appropriately called Shallow Pool. But we don’t want to leave anyone out, and we know some people just don’t like sours. It’s fine, really. We’ve also got the Drink’in the Sun, a non-abv wheat ale. Still not keen? Try a can of the Weird Weather, a low-abv New England style IPA. Want something refreshing? The non-alcoholic Limbo Series is a range of Flemish Primitives; we’ve got raspberry, yuzu, and even one brewed with Riesling juice. You can browse over your other choices here. 


Giving up alcohol is a difficult challenge. But you don’t have to say goodbye to beer, just try another version of it. You won’t be disappointed. You won’t be hungover, either. 


Cheers and good luck!