The Cold Condition

By otto
September 12, 2019

So there has been a few, but big new things in my life. I've  been moving to a  new apartment so now I'm a officially a city dog (that's why I've been slacking on posts.) also started blogging  here at Mikkeller but the biggest change is my new fresh cut! 

Had to put on some shades as my bangs won't shield me from the sun anymore I also dug out this sick  headpiece. This my friends is why I'm known as the biggest, baddest and boujeest, number uno fashion icon. 

Okey, so lets review some beer, this stylish looking can from Wylam not only  matched my gear it was delish as well.

The cold condition By Wylam & Donzoko Style: Lagerbier 4,8%

Aroma: red winter apples. White bread and some fresh citrus. Very inviting. 

Taste: heck yes, what a crushable beer. The taste follows the nose to a tee with a light and crisp body. Well carbonated and flavor, full for a 4,8 abv beer. Could drink this all day, every day!

Grab some beers from Wylam below: