By mike neale
November 08, 2019

A fantastic new addition to the UK beer scene this year was the Seafood bar in Falmouth, Cornwall. Definitely one of my UK beery highlights of the year so I thought I'd share about my visit. 

Falmouth is a lovely little town with a beach, harbour and plenty of pubs, cafes and fish and chip shops - we made the most of all of these things but only had one thing at the top of our to do list - fresh Verdant beer. 

We decided to visit for a long weekend to make the most of our time after a long but enjoyable five hour train journey from London. Those views!

The Seafood bar had only been open for about 6 weeks when we visited but already seemed very well established. Verdant's crowd funding campaign had really paid off.

The bar is located just off the main high street, a pretty little building, fairly unassuming, disguising the wonders within. It reminded me of some of the bars and restaurants I've visited in Scandinavia as I descended the steps, through the front door into a cosy bar just below road level. It's a chilled-out space, sparsley decorated apart from a cool mural on the wall to the right. 

We were welcomed by friendly staff and an exciting taplist of fresh Verdant beers. A few miles from the brewery and the first place to get their fresh brews on tap, you can't get these beers much fresher  This is why we visited. Thick, fruity hops. 

Verdant make some of the freshest and tastiest hoppy beers the UK has to offer and this was the best place to enjoy them. We naturally worked our way through all the beers on the menu and even saw off a few kegs over the course of the weekend. 

The food was absolutely delicious too. I love seafood and the small plates were tastefully and beautifully prepared. Two standout dishes were the crab on sourdough and the fish finger butty.

Having as much Verdant beer on tap as I wanted was both sensational and dangerous. Verdant's stunning Collab with Equilibrium, Keep Left, an 8% DIPA packed with Southern hops went down far too easily... Again and again. ⬅️

The staff were really friendly, helpful and engaging, even when we were the last ones at the bar. Big thanks to them for their hospitality. 

As a Londoner I couldn't believe how such a lovely, cosy place with such sought after beers and delicious food didn't have a queue out the door. It got busy in the evening but never lost the relaxed vibe that hectic places in London often lack. 

This place is seriously worth a visit whether you're a craff beer lover or not. I can't wait to go back 

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Verdant seafood bar