Welcome to Warpigs Brewpub!

March 25, 2022

Warpigs is conveniently located in one of the most vibrant nightlife areas of Copenhagen, the meatpacking district, this brewpub offers endless mouthwatering beer and Texas-style BBQ. Are you into rock and metal? Take a seat inside at one of the huge cafeteria tables and enjoy the specially curated playlists. Think Black Sabbath, Slayer, Slipknot… all your favorites! Is Copenhagen giving you some sun rays? Grab a seat at one of the many tables outside and feel the energy of Kødbyen.



BBQ, BBQ, BBQ! What can you expect as a first timer at Warpigs? You can bet they’ve got everything your starving mind can dream of. Brisket, links, corndogs, pulled pork, spareribs! And that’s not all; the menu is extensive and everchanging. The welcoming staff will help you choose which homemade sauce you should slather all over eeeverything on your massive plate. Don’t eat meat? Don’tcha worry now. The General’s Mac & Cheese will satisfy every inch of you. Warpigs has got all the classics as well – coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, you name it. They’ve even got deep fried pickles. Yep. Deep. Fried. Pickles.



You can have a gander at the menu here! https://warpigs.dk/brewpub 


What about the beer? Ok, we know you’re thirsty. Warpigs is home to 22 taps; and you’re certainly not the only thirsty human, so those taps are always pouring new, different beers. You’re guaranteed to find something delicious for you and your amigos! Because surely, you’re not coming here alone. There’s always a wide range of styles on draft – hoppy IPAs, fresh lagers, smokey porters, and lip-smacking sours. The list goes on and on. And the best part? Most of the beers are brewed in-house. Drink up!



Whether you’re a local Copenhagener or a curious tourist, this memorable joint is damn sure to be an instant favorite. BBQ & beer… they’re just a match made in hell!


Wanna check out another Mikkeller location? The original Mikkeller Bar is just a five-minute walk from Warpigs; you can find it at Viktoriagade 8. Need a souvenir? Swing by The Social Beer Shop at Istedgade 61, just a five-minute walk in the other direction.