Zichovec - Ježíšek

By erik
August 20, 2019

Zichovec brewery was founded in 2012 in small town Zichovec in Czech Republic, which is located 50km northwest from Prague. Low quality of the local commercial beers was disappointing. For the owners that was the reason to open the brewery and start brewing craft beer in June 2012. Another reason was also tribute to their grand-grandfather who used to run local tavern in Panenský Týnec. In 2015 they used to brew in capacity 850hl/year but after a short period of time they realized it wasn't enough. That's why in 2016 they needed to expand and started to export beers not only to other cities but also to other countries.

Ježíšek (sweet baby Jesus) is DDH DIPA with pleasant 9% ABV for a long winter evenings. It's a nice throwback to their winter series of beers released in december. The series contained Ježíšek, Nádilka (DDH Double NEIPA) and Christmas Puding (Oak aged imperial stout) which was collaboration with Raven brewery. Ježíšek is full bodied beer with well hidden 9% ABV, bitter with tastes of tropical fruit, mango, blood oranges and slightly caramel-ish taste.

Zichovec - Ježíšek

Double Dry Hopped DIPA

ABV: 9%

Hops: Columbus, Magnum, Amarillo, Simcoe