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Beernomicon is a podcast and blog hosted by Ross and Tom, shit talking the finer points of beer. Based outta the Nort...

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Merel, a 22-year-old Dutch girl and student in everyday-life, loves to drink and talk about beer, and enjoys re...

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Erik is living in Košice, Slovakia, he is in love with good beers, french bulldogs and polish girl. His beer jo...

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Felipe is passionate towards craft beer, its various styles and how beer unites and invites people towards the ...

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HopSkullBeerGuide is a Danish beer blogger who mostly blogs on his Instagram profile, but now joining forces wi...

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Mike Neale

Mike is a London-based beer blogger with a passion for great tasting beer and the craft beer community. When no...

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Laura - Behind Beer and Stuff

Laura blogs under the name Behind Beer and Stuff on Instagram and has a passion for all things beer, vegan frie...

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Kristian Munk Eriksen

Since his first encounter with the world of beer, Kristian has been passionately dedicated to the arts of brewing and...

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Andrew Dudley AKA Dudders

My name is Andrew Dudley AKA ‘Dudders’, I am the Head Brewer at Wantsum’s Brewery in the U.K. I obviously am a ...

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Empties is a beer blog run by Jonathan Boyce, a competitive homebrewer from Dublin, currently based in Berlin. Emptie...

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Martin Hay

Martin is currently living in Tashkent, Uzbekistan with his wife and 2.5 year old dau...

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Hello beer nerds, Otto here! The coolest beer dog on the Web.

This is my first post here on Mikkeller so I'll ...

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Chris Shanchez

Born and raised on the mean streets of England,  Chris Shanchez, started his craft beer journey when he was 8, when h...

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Jakob Stammler

Jakob's ultimate goal is to tell relatable stories out of a beer geek's everyday life, while spreading his love...

Preview image for Guiden til verdens bedste pilsnere! Hvorfor de smager så godt?

Guiden til verdens bedste pilsnere! Hvorfor de smager så godt?


June 02, 2022

Af Christian AndersenØlekspert, journalist og forfatter til pilsner bogen ”Den nøgne øl”. Når jeg taler med radikaliserede ølentusiaster og nævner, at pilsneren er en grundøl, bliver de som regel...

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Gaver til Fars Dag


May 31, 2022

Sæt kryds i kalenderen d. 5. juni! Fars dag nærmer sig og vi har derfor samlet seks gode bud på gaver, du kan give din far! 1. Fars dags Ølkasse Har du noget at sige tak for? I så fald har vi samme...

Preview image for Three Fellow Danish Breweries You Should Keep an Eye On

Three Fellow Danish Breweries You Should Keep an Eye On


March 25, 2022

Oftentimes, you’ll notice our bars have got some fantastic beers on tap from many other breweries. Some of those breweries are outside of Denmark’s borders; however, we also love to showcase brews ...

Preview image for You found the DINO!

You found the DINO!


June 04, 2019

You found the missing Dino! We've been looking for days. Get 15% off when you use the coupon code 'THEDINO'* *Only valid for 1 order

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What is the Mikkeller Running Club about?


December 13, 2017

The idea of Mikkeller Running Club is to stay fit through running. That makes us capable of enjoying even more of the good life – which includes state of the art food and drinks. Few would dispute ...

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Mikkeller Brewing Sand Diego C&D series


September 17, 2016

Mikkeller San Diego is taking the Mikkeller ethos to heart, branching out from traditional styles and pushing creative boundaries. Brewers Daniel Cady and Chris Gillogly latest venture into the unk...

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Warpigs Octoberfest


September 17, 2016

Listen up, all you WarPigs! If you have a thing for all things German in the beer and food department, and like to throw down with like minded party heads, you better listen up.For this years editi...

Preview image for Rauch Geek Breakfast aged in maple bourbon barrels

Rauch Geek Breakfast aged in maple bourbon barrels


September 17, 2016

On Saturday, September 17th, Mikkeller San Diego will release its long awaited and highly anticipated first specialty bottle—Rauch Geek Breakfast Aged in Maple Bourbon Barrels. This bottle is a Vik...