Three Fellow Danish Breweries You Should Keep an Eye On

March 25, 2022

Oftentimes, you’ll notice our bars have got some fantastic beers on tap from many other breweries. Some of those breweries are outside of Denmark’s borders; however, we also love to showcase brews coming from our little Nordic country. What are Mikkeller’s favorite Danish craft breweries? Find out below!


To Øl

To Øl, meaning “two beers” in Danish, actually has a special connection to Mikkeller! Its creators, Tore Gynther and Tobias Emil Jensen, are past students of Mikkeller’s founder, Mikkel Bjergsø. The young pair began boldly experimenting with malts, hops, and yeast back in 2005. Their first commercial beer was released in 2010! To Øl has a top-notch brewpub, bottle shop, and eatery in Nørrebro, Copenhagen called BRUS. Fancy a trip outside the city? Head over to To Øl City in Svinninge and witness even more magic. To Øl City is a 150,000 SQM craft beverage hub with enough space for a massive brewery, orchard, distillery, shop, beer garden, and more. It’s an energetic place full of brilliant collaborations and innovation. To Øl has a bunch to offer – milkshake IPAs, pastry sours, imperial stouts, and more among many others! Read up on this thriving brewery here.


Find To Øl Beers on our webshop here.




Let’s head out to the Danish countryside! Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri, which began brewing in 2008, is also on the top of our list. About 360 kilometers away from Copenhagen, this gem is brewing up tons of tasty stuff on a beautiful piece of farmland along the eastern coast of mainland Denmark, right next to the sea. What’s our favorite beer from Ebeltoft? It’s gotta be the Wildflower IPA; you know we love those fruity, juicy, delicious IPAs. Not your cup of tea? Try one of their many farmhouse ales or lagers! You can visit their farm brewery and check out what else they’re coming up with these days. Find out more here


Find Ebeltoft Beers on our webshop here.




Located in Kolding, we’ve chosen Bryggeriet Åben as our last stop on this blog. Åben was founded in 2017 by Philip Hulgaard and Johannes Karstoft, two childhood friends on a mission to produce something special. Åben, which translates to “open” in Danish, strives to create pioneering partnerships while bringing people together around the love of beer. Experimenting with local
ingredients and now forming new ways of creating, this brewery’s original success is called the Bryg 61 (a New England IPA). Where can you experience Åben? They’ve got a cozy bar, Gustav Wieds, over in Roskilde, as well as another bar in Århus, stocked with 24 taps. What’s next for this young
brewery fresh on the field? They’re eagerly in the middle of constructing a brewery, bar, and restaurant in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district, Kødbyen. The doors will be opening next year! Support their expansion and discover more here.


Find Åben Beers On our webshop here.



There you have it! The best of the best brews coming out of Denmark right now. Exciting things are on the way for these well-established breweries, and we’re proud to serve their exceptional beers in our different bars. Check out Mikkeller on Untappd and you can see when we’ve got one of them on draft, and at which location: