Blackout Brewing Beer Blackout Brewing Bundle

Blackout Brewing Bundle


This is your chance to try some of the finest craft beers that Romania has to offer! We were excited to bring you this bundle from Blackout Brewing with a mix of heavy-hitting Stouts and Barley Wines (both BA and non-BA) and a crushable DDH DIPA for good measure.

This bundle contains - 
Anti-Cake BA French Antilles Rum - Imperial Stout aged in rum barrels with toasted coconut flakes, coffee from Yume and cocoa nibs.
Barbados Rum BA Sleep No More - Imperial stout w/ 30g/L coffee (basically a shot of espresso in each bottle), chocolate and honey. Aged in a rum barrel from Barbados for 1 year.
Double Chromatics - DDH DIPA w/ Citra, Nelson and Simcoe Cryo
Entropy - French Brandy BA - Imperial Stout aged in French Brandy barrels with maple and vanilla beans.
Fabricating the Human - Imperial stout w/ honey, coffee and vanilla. Aged in cognac & bourbon barrels.
Geisha - Cognac BA - Imperial Stout aged for 1 year in French Cognac barrels, with Columbian Geisha coffee beans, roasted by YUME. 
Humanizing the Machine - Whiskey BA Barleywine w/ cocoa nibs and almonds.
Perpetual Crunch - Bourbon BA - Bourbon Barrel-Aged stout Imperial Stout with Maple, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Vanilla.
Sleep No More - Oak Aged Barleywine 
Smoke And Mirrors - Oak Aged Barleywine 
Twisted Cake - BA Four Roses - Bourbon BA Imperial stout with chocolate, hazelnuts and coconuts.

In this bundle:

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