Brouwerij Emelisse Beer Brouwerij Emelisse 2022 Bundle

Brouwerij Emelisse 2022 Bundle

Size 330ml

This bundle includes a mix of barley wines, porters and stouts from Dutch Brewery Emelisse's White Label line.


This bundle contains (all bottles 330ml):
- White Label Barley Wine Bowmore BA 2019 Nr. 6
- White Label Barley Wine Kilchoman BA 2021
- White Label Barley Wine Ruby Port BA 2020 
- White Label Imperial Russian Stout Belize Rum BA 2019 Nr. 3 
- White Label Espresso Stout Bourbon BA 2020 
- White Label Butterscotch Toffee Stout Belize Rum BA 2021  
- White Label Chocolate Stout Maple Syrup BA 2021 
- White Label 2019 Imperial Russian Stout Islay Whiskey BA Peated 
- White Label Dark Ale Tawny Port BA 2019 Nr. 2 

About Brouwerij Emelisse:

"Brouwerij Emelisse brewed its first beer back in 2005 as one of the very first craft beer breweries in The Netherlands. These days, the brewery is located in a former castle in the city centre of Goes, in the province of Zeeland. As a true pioneer, our classic and innovative beers are brewed exclusively with the purest ingredients worldwide available. Different types of beers are brewed daily, all with the characteristic taste experience for any beer lover, ranging from less experienced drinkers to the most critical experts.


As an independent and innovative brewery, Emelisse likes to keep up with the trends in the international scene, but loves setting them even more. However, always with great respect for the natural product."

In this bundle:

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