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Kiki Craftbeer Bundle


My ideal Mikkeller evening? You’re looking at it right now!

6 different beers guaranteed to keep the evening fun and diverse because there is a LOT happening!

We kick things off with a refreshing NEIPA (Do Stuff Together), followed by two beautiful and complex sours: Spontancherry Frederiksdal 2021 (from Mikkeller’s well known Spontan range), and one from Baghaven: the Rubus of Rose 2020. Of course, we include a more than decent Barleywine called Nasty, Brutish and Malt. Barleywine is a style that is growing on me, despite having a heart full of stout. That said, stouts are still my all-time favorite style, so it may not come as a surprise that I’m telling you that Beer Geek Vanilla Shake BA Whiskey is a MUST try. We’ll end the evening in style with a banger from Mikkeller San Diego: the Viking Shake BA. After all, you should always end your evening with a cup of coffee of some sort. Right? I prefer my coffee canned and carbonated, preferably aged in beautiful bourbon barrels! This collection is obviously best served among friends. The more people can experience these amazing flavours, the merrier. Cheers!

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In this bundle:

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