Maltgarden Beer Maltgarden Pastry Stout Bundle

Maltgarden Pastry Stout Bundle


For the first time ever in the Mikkeller Webshop, we have the pleasure to present Maltgarden from Poland!!

We've got a big huge Stouts for your enjoyment.

Don't miss this one!

The bundle contains 1 of each of the following (6 x 500ml, 1 x 330ml) - 

Follow The Recipe - Banana & Peanut Butter Cheesecake Imperial Stout.

Gate No1/2022 - Gate No1/2022 (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout). Thick Imperial Stout aged for 14 months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels.

Gate No2/2022 - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout With Barrel Aged Coffee. Thick Imperial Stout aged for 14 months in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels with our own coffee made with HAYB Costa Rica Finca El Mirador Barrel Aged. 3rd Anniversary beer.

We Got the Fire - Thick Coffee Imperial Stout with specially roasted coffee Costa Rica Chirripo from Kafar Roastery, a collab brew with Tank Busters.

The Middle Of Silence (2021) - Peanut Butter Imperial Milk Stout With Coffee Edition 2021 with peanut butter and HAYB Brazil Campo Alegre coffee.

Window Blinds Down - Chocolate Coconut Imperial Stout infused with untoasted coconut, cocoa nibs and cocoa.

Where Are My Goggles? (2022) - Thick Imperial Stout with carob, vanilla and cinnamon.

In this bundle:

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