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Pastry Sour - Tasting Box


You might think you've seen it all in the world of sour beers, but wait until you taste our pastries. We've packed these 5 beers with just as much fruit and fun as a fancy pastry shop, so get ready to enjoy!

This pastry sour tasting box is perfect for all our pastry-lovers out there. Dive into a world of pastry sours, known to have a lot of fruit and crazy pastries. Each brew brings something unique to the table, so you can discover what your favorite is!

This Bundle Contains:

1 x Forbidden Sunshine, 5.6%
Mango & Peach Cheesecake Pastry Sour

1 x Four Years Celebration Sour, 6%
One super fruited sour beeeeer

1 x Slang Du Jour, 7,5%
Decadent, creamy, and preposterously thick pastry sour beer

1 x  Anadrome Passionfruit Cheesecake Sour, 6%
Cheesecake inspired, soft and almost fluffy sour beer full of fruits

1 x Change the View, 5,6%
Yellow Papaya & Passion Fruit Pastry Sour.

1 x Henry & Sally Mosella Glass (20cl)

In this bundle:

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