Marlobobo Mead Stevnsberry (2020)

Stevnsberry (2020)


Cherry mead made with Stevnsbær.

The Stevns variety is known for its small size, deep red/burgundy color and its distinctively complex flavor. It shouldn't be taken lightly that it has been named "Nordic Grape" by many.

Expect a cherry forward, semi-sweet mead with a lingering finish of honey, cherries, and notes of almond, cinnamon and vanilla. The well integrated tannins from cherry skins and oak ties it all together.

-------------------------- 2020 --------------------------

This vintage is waterless and made with 100% love, fruit and honey

Honey variety:

Cherry variety:

Locally sourced honey and fruit

*The vintage year shows the harvest year of the ingredients*


Produced and bottled by Marlobobo in Norway

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