Marlobobo Mead Stevnsberry Free Jazz (2020)

Stevnsberry Free Jazz (2020)


Spontaneously fermented and terroir-driven cherry mead made with Stevnsbær. No added water or yeast (solely fermented from the yeast and bacteria naturally present on the cherries).

Due to both the nature of spontaneous fermentations and the use of a variety of vinification methods going into the final blend, this release will show a bigger range of differences between the vintages than many of our other releases. Definitely a product made for verticals!

-------------------------- 2020 --------------------------

Local cherries with 21 days of skin contact in the must together with local wildflower honey as the only ingredients. The product was made in many small batches, produced with different techniques, and later blended together:

For this vintage, one thread was carbonic macerated, one was intentionally microoxidized, while the rest went through a normal spontaneous maceration and conditioning phase. We also let parts of it go through a spontaneous malolactic fermentation, making the mouthfeel more full and rounded, while at the same time adding vanilla characteristics to the final blend. They were all blended together in well-thought-out ratios based on taste, getting the best out of all the "band players".

Produced and bottled by Marlobobo in Norway

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