Mikkeller Webshop Beer Weltklasse Lagers - Tasting Box

Weltklasse Lagers - Tasting Box

Size 330-500ml

Enter the world of Weltklasse Lagers with this tasting box

Germany produces some of the best lagers in the world. Dive into this amazing tasting box and find your favorite!

This Tasting Box contains:

Das Leichte Pyraser - 3.7% - The perfect beer on the go! This one has a screw cap. Simply unscrew and get going.

Schönramer Dunkel - 5% - Brewed by Private Landbrauerei Schönram. Pours a nice and elegant bronze nuance.

Schönramer Pils - 5% - This beers delivers a beautiful hop flavor. Perfectly balanced and of course, like any good pilsner, super chuggable

Bitter 42 - 5.5% - This is the definitive answer of the perfect Pilsner. Pours a crystal clear, light golden color with a nice white foam.

Weiherer Pils - 4.7% - Wow... If you haven't tried the Weiherer Pils, you are in for a treat! This is the webshop teams favorite pilsner. Everything you look for in a pilsner! Cheers!


Helles - 4.9% - From our good friends of Mahrs Braü brewery, we have got our hands on the real deal. An amazing Helles! Super crushable summer beer


Mikkeller Whisper Bodega Glass - Great beer needs great glassware. And this one will do the trick for these beers!

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