40 Watt Moon
40 Watt Moon

40 Watt Moon

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ABV 8% Size 440 ml
Country England
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One of our favourite IPAs juiced-up to DIPA proportions! Strata-packed with a hefty dose of Citra, expect dank pine needles on the nose, alongside clean grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours.

NEIPA & Burgers

Hazy, hoppy, often slightly sweet and without any real bitterness the NEIPAs are as varied as beer in general. Certain hops create aromas of tropical fruits others bring grassy and piney notes to the beer. The beer tastes great with your favorite roll. Be it a true New England lobster roll or your favorite Danish hot dog or burger. You choose the condiments according to your liking and you choose the hop variety to match it. The sweet body and easy drinking nature of the NEIPA pairs great with the saltiness of the burger meat and the funkiness of pickles.


The modern cousin of the classic west coast IPA, the New England IPA originated in - well - New England, with breweries like The Alchemist. This style is a non filtered IPA brewed without bittering hops, meaning that it will display a lot of fruity and herbal notes from the hops used, and no bitterness.