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Beer Geek Absalon

Beer Geek Absalon

Mikkeller / Chinorocks / Joachim7inch

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Chinorocks & Joachim7inch, Mikkeller Beer and CBC14 introduces the Beer Geek Absalon.

A pack including:
- Italian handmade Beer Geek Absalon Tennis Shoe (edition of 100)
- Limited edition Beer Geek Breakfast bottle (edition of 100)

The Sneaker
Premium Italian handmade tennis sneaker sprinkled with Mikkellers Beer Geek Breakfast to create a unique pattern on the natural tanned calf skin leather. White and beige nylon laces. Fine leather lining. Cotton insole. Italian rubber sole.
Artwork by Keith Shore
On the side "CBC14", On the insole "The Fuck You Shield", On the heel "The Fuck you hand" and finally on the tongue the joint collaboration logo of Chinorocks & Joachim7inch, Mikkeller Beer and CBC14.
The Beer - Beer Geek Breakfast
For this limited edition bottle Keith Shore re-designed the original label and back label for this collaboration. See the difference.
The Story behind The Beer Geek Absalon
This package is based on the short lived history and dna of Mikkeller. With the basis of making a sneaker we had to dig deeper to make it work. We needed to put the beer in the sneaker, which we did by creating an amazing pattern on the leather, by using the beer that is known for Mikkellers breakthrough. But we needed to do more, we wanted a wooden box. We were then pointed in the direction of the carpenter who built the Mikkeller bars in Copenhagen, so that was set. Then of course we wanted a beer. That was a given. But how do we make it ours? We change the label. Keith did the artwork on the sneaker so why not do the label as well. We weren't completely done. We got Mikkel to star in a very short video, Rob to shoot it and Mixens band to provide the music while the Major oversaw the process.
There was a lot of name dropping here. But if you know the Mikkeller family there is still missing a lot of names from the bars and the office who puts in a lot of time and dedication in to the beers and keeping people happy. And for this package we wanted to do the same and at the same time put all of that in to it. A whole lot of love in to the detail. This is not just a shoe, box and a beer. It is the Mikkeller spirit curated by us.
Chinorocks & Joachim7inch and Mikkeller Beer
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