Beer Geek Auslese 6L - Mikkeller / Meierer

Beer Geek Auslese 6L

Beer Geek Auslese 6L

Mikkeller / Meierer



For the wine nerds: The queen of Riesling smells light and fruity while her taste is thick and golden yellow honey. A well incorporated acidity harmonizes with the high residual sugar. Easy and rather stimulating on the palate, this wine is worth a second glass.

For the beer geeks: This wine is a thick, honey-like fruit-bomb that can easily satisfy your desire for something sweet. It makes your mouth water, it gives you a natural sugar-high without leaving you feeling sticky or stuffed. The acidity and the sugar is a tasty pogo-party on your tongue. 

  • 7.5%
  • 6000ml