Beer Geek Brunch Thailand - Mikkeller San Diego

Beer Geek Brunch Thailand

Beer Geek Brunch Thailand

Mikkeller San Diego

90,00 DKK


Beer Geek Thailand – Finding ourselves inspired by a popular Thai dessert, Khao Niao Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice), we sought to conceive a beer emulating all the wonderful flavours while staying true to our ethos. In collaboration with Mikkeller Denmark we built upon our beloved Beer Geek Brunch Stout, introducing puffed Jasmine Rice and Milk Sugar before aging on fresh mango and hand-toasted coconut shreds. To best celebrate our Mikkeller Bar in Bangkok, this rich stout is complex with flavours of juicy mango, macaroons, and sweet chocolate. Inspired and exciting, Beer Geek Thailand will surely bring smiles to our adventurous fans.
  • 10,9%
  • 473ml
  • US