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Beer Geek Riesling

Beer Geek Riesling

Beer Geek Riesling

Mikkeller / Meierer

145,00 kr



For the wine nerds: Intense yellow and ripe citrus fruits, spontaneous yeasts with the mineral taste of typical Mosel slate. The first smell consists of herbal odors, the first taste gives you a strong but elegant taste of fresh fruitfulness paired with a crisp acidity. The wine finishes smooth and nicely, leaving you with the need to take another sip.   

For the beer geeks: Beware: it looks a lot lighter than your average stout, it smells like you have just entered the fruit section of a local farmer`s market. You can taste the variety of lemons, peaches and all the yellow fruits. There is even a hint of dirt and stone coming from the slate-grounds where the grapes were grown. Alas the mineral touch, it`s a harmonic composition with a triggering acidity that makes your tongue twist and beg for another gulp. If you like your drinks cold with an unexpected kick, you`re going to love this Riesling.


  • 11%
  • 750ml
  • DE